Disaster Preparedness

We are facing the repercussions of climate change and know that means that we will likely face more frequent and stronger natural disasters. We need to do everything we can to prepare for these disasters to minimize their impact, as well as prepare to address the after-effects. Das has a dedicated staff member, focusing on recovery with those impacted by the disasters. He was also successful in passing a “like for like” ordinance, which allowed people to rebuild in the most efficient way possible.


Currently, Das is working closely with a Montecito neighborhood that was destroyed by the debris flow caused by the Thomas Fire to turn their properties into a debris basin, which will increase the flood control capacity in Montecito by six times. Das is also working with Partners for Resilient Communities on placing debris nets on the creeks above Montecito.


In addition, Das is working closely with the Office of Emergency Management to perfect our emergency notification system and cultural proficiency with disasters.

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