Making Santa Barbara Carbon Free

Throughout his career, Das has demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting the environment and ending the dependence on fossil fuels. He continues to demonstrate that commitment as a Santa Barbara County Supervisor.


Fifty-six percent of our emissions from the unincorporated area comes from transportation, which is largely in the form of vehicle miles travelled (VMT), due to the large number of people forced to commute from a lack of housing options near their work site. Das is actively working with the Human Resources Department and Sustainability Division on options to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need for County employees to commute – with funding provided in the county budget. Das is also working to create new opportunities to house employees closer to their work site. In addition, Das is working the General Services Department to transition the County fleet of vehicles to the lowest emitting possible by requiring every new vehicle added to be electric.


Das has been heavily involved in the creation of a countywide Strategic Energy Plan, which will enable staff to do an Environmental Impact Report on site-specific renewable energy projects throughout the county and will result in the first-ever ordinance to allow the development of utility scale solar in Santa Barbara County. This is a critical to the move toward reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.


In addition, the Board approved the development of the Tajiguas Resource Recovery project, which will convert waste into renewable energy. This project alone will account for nearly 62% of our total greenhouse gas reduction needed or the equivalent to taking 28,500 cars off the road.

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